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Leave the logistics of exhibitions around the world to us.

From domestic to international, we ensure delivery anywhere. Exhibition logistics is our specialty. Safely, swiftly, and reliably, we transport your valuable exhibit items to their destination. With our trustworthy and proven service, we support the success of your exhibition.

Smoothly supporting 'special logistics' all around the world.


The main mission of our international logistics is to ensure the safe, swift, and efficient transportation of goods and materials between different countries and regions. By doing this, we aim to facilitate smooth international business and trade, thereby promoting economic activities around the world.


Our service, as experts in international logistics and international trade fair logistics, supports your logistics needs quickly and safely. Understanding the characteristics of each region and utilizing our extensive experience, we provide the best logistics solutions.

Our service

International exhibition and trade fair logistics are specialized logistics services focused on the transport and management of goods at exhibitions and trade fairs. This includes the collection of exhibition cargo, customs clearance, and direct transportation to the event venue. Specialized exhibition logistics providers offer a range of logistics tasks related to exhibitions, including unloading at the venue, storage of empty containers, packing support, and return transportation after the exhibition.

Exhibition logistics require a different approach compared to general transportation to meet the specific requirements of the industry. It caters to a variety of events such as concerts, trade shows, sports events, tours, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, and more. To ensure the safe delivery of exhibition items to their destination, international logistics solutions are provided in partnership with global transport companies.

Exhibition logistics services often include specialized cargo transport options. For example, when there is a need to move a large stage to a concert venue or transport other oversized products, the appropriate type and size of vehicles are selected. Exhibition cargo transport solutions encompass various modes, including land, sea, air, and rail transportation.

In this field, our company is continuously making further efforts to enhance its expertise in exhibition logistics.

International Trade Fair and Exhibition Logistics



The International Multimodal Transport Service combines different modes of transportation under a single contract to consistently transport goods and cargo from the point of departure to the destination. For example, this service may involve a combination of trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft.

International Multimodal Transport


Cross Trade shipment  service provided by Pacific Corporation supports global business expansion. Through optimal route selection to improve cost efficiency, simplification of complex transportation processes, and navigation through various trade regulations, your cargo will reach its destination quickly and safely. Leveraging logistics networks in countries around the world, we offer highly reliable services. We adapt flexibly to all business needs, facilitating smooth international trade. Let our Cross Trade shipment  service expand your business possibilities.

Cross Trade shipment Service


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From project planning, to execution, to realization


Our services encompass a wide range, from project meetings to progress management. In all our operations, we guarantee the highest level of expertise.

Features of Three Services.

Our company possesses extensive experience and unique know-how in specialized transportation, including trade fair and special event transport. This enables us to respond swiftly and accurately to our clients' special requests and challenging situations.

Expertise and Know-How in Specialized Transportation


In international logistics, we respond rapidly and flexibly to a variety of needs. From small parcels to large-scale projects, we offer the best logistics solutions tailored to our customers' requirements.

Rapid and Flexible Response


Our robust international network enables smooth transportation to locations around the world. This allows us to support our clients' business expansion on a global scale.

Provision of a Global Network


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