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Today, companies are fully demonstrating their power in the arena of international business. As they meet their targets and move forward to future opportunities, our customers’ businesses need to advance even more smoothly.


This is our vision, and our mission.

We deliver support for events around the world.

See here for details.

Trust us to handle your events, operations inside exhibition venues, and coordination.

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A wealth of experience

Since we first began offering our services, we have supported more than 500 companies at international exhibitions and trade shows in 50 cities around the world. In doing so, we have built a track record of safe, dependable transportation around the world, with a focus on delivery dates planned to match the starting dates of events, and amassed a wealth of expertise by overcoming a wide range of challenges at various international exhibitions and trade shows around the world. Our services have supported events in industries including precision machinery, industrial machinery, imaging machinery, food products, and cosmetics. Aiming to deliver even better than expected services with safety as the top priority, we meet all our customers’ needs as a provider of high-value-added transportation services for international events.

Highly specialized

Our track record has earned the trust of a large number of companies exhibiting in events. In fact, Pacific has provided support to companies and public agencies in a wide range of categories, including handling of precision machinery, concept cars, and demonstration equipment, in cities and countries around the world. We have earned a strong reputation as one of the few companies able to handle all related processes, from Japan to around the world.


Flexible and highly adaptable

Exhibitions vary widely in terms of their types, the countries where they are held, their exhibitors, exhibits, schedules, trading areas, reception areas, and transportation methods. We have continually provided flexible operations that adapt to these changing needs. Instead of simply transporting items, we aim to deliver high-quality services through looking at how we can deliver them safely and on time and how we can put to use our powerful network built on relations of trust, as well as training highly capable human resources to play active roles in the field in order to carry out sophisticated operations.

Swift, reliable services for events around the world

Pacific has developed logistics solutions for international exhibitions suited to the needs of customers in individual industries. As a result, we deliver the operations needed to ensure successful exhibitions for our customers, from making decisions on exhibiting in international exhibitions through practical implementation of exhibits.


Simplifying complex operations

Pacific’s international logistics services make complex procedures and processes clear and powerfully connect all processes together. We provide support for outstanding events that connect people to each other, no matter where in the world they are held.

Logistics solutions to ensure successful international exhibition events

Using Pacific’s dependable, neutral network makes it possible to exhibit in events at greater speed than ever before.


You just might find that Pacific’s services shorten the time that you’ve needed through now to prepare for events.

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Our contact

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